Does Air Conditioning Bring in Fresh Air?

A common belief with air conditioning is that it brings in fresh air from the outside - what if we were to tell you that this is actually false?

What air conditioning actually does is exactly what the name suggests - it "conditions the air".

Air conditioning works by taking away unwanted heat from a space and transfers that heat elsewhere. This heat is carried away via the refrigerant that is cycling through the system. It is not bringing in cold air from the outside, it is merely removing the heat from the air already in the room.

If having fresh air and ventilation is a priority to our customers then we suggest that they have a simple supply fan, which does pump fresh air in from outside. Or there are more sophisticated mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems that are available on the market.

These heat recovery systems will bring in fresh air from the outside, whilst also extracting waste air from within the room. During the winter months when the heating is on, rather than force the heating to work harder by forcing fresh, cold air inside, the heat from the waste air can be extracted and used to heat the new fresh air back up. This way the heat is recovered from the waste air making it a very efficient process and prevents any unnecessary waste!

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