An Eco Friendly Future

Eco friendly homes are becoming part of our future and we are always trying to finding ways to be more eco-friendly!

Have you thought about the following ideas for your home?

- Air Source Heat Pumps - these are becoming so popular with homeowners, especially with the rising fuel prices. These work differently from conventional methods because rather than burning fuel, or converting electricity into heat, they just move existing heat, making it much more efficient. An easy explanation is that they work in the opposite way to a fridge!

- Solar Panels - this is an easy way to create your own renewable energy as they capture the sun and covert this into electricity. And the suns energy is completely free!

- Electric Vehicles - everyone is seeing more and more electric vehicles on the road, and at some point in the near future, they will be the only vehicles we see on our roads in the UK. They may have a larger upfront cost, however the running costs over the years will be much lower than using a diesel or petrol vehicle.

- Air Conditioning - this may always seem like something you only benefit from on holidays or in the car on a hot day, however it is becoming readily used within UK homes too! When in cooling mode their energy efficiency rating is A+++, and when in heating their rating is A++, making it an extremely energy efficient alternative to conventional heating methods.

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